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Origins: Where It All Began

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Our Vision‚Äč

Established on June 9th, 2004, Garden of Peace is a transformative primary school nestled in the heart of Kurumbupalayam village near Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Our mission revolves around providing holistic education to underprivileged children from rural communities.

At Garden of Peace, we believe in the power of education to uplift individuals and communities. Our aim is to nurture young minds, cultivating a love for learning and fostering socio-economic progress within our locality.

Our Approach

We cater primarily to children under the age of five, welcoming them into our vibrant learning environment. Our team of ten dedicated teachers, hailing from the local community, employs an integrated and holistic approach to education. Inspired by the Montessori system, we embrace mother tongue education as a foundational method, offering instruction in both Tamil and English.

We’re proud to share that Garden of Peace is recognized by the Government of Tamil Nadu, a testament to our commitment to quality education and community development.

Supporting the Marginalized Children

Our students mainly come from families of landless workers, small farmers, and daily wage laborers. We offer free education, textbooks, notebooks, two sets of uniforms for all children every year, and the school also arranges transport facilities for children coming from neighboring villages.

Nurturing Bodies and Minds

We believe that education goes hand in hand with nourishment. Through our free mid-day meal scheme and a healthy nutrition program of morning porridge and evening snacks, we ensure that every child’s physical and cognitive needs are met.

Community Engagement

We’re more than just a school; we’re a hub for community engagement and empowerment. With 12 non-teaching staff members actively involved in socio-economic programs, we’re committed to driving positive change beyond the classroom walls.

Our Campus

The school is located in the midst of an organic farm of 4.08 acres of land in Kurumbupalayam village and surrounded by several villages that come under the Kanyambadi Block of the Vellore District in Tamil Nadu.

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