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The Garden of Peace

Amaidhi Poonga

We empower through education, nurturing young minds for socio-economic progress.

Garden of Peace

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10 Skilled Teaching/12 Non-Teaching Staff
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Our Mission

At Garden of Peace, our mission is to empower underprivileged children through holistic education. With a focus on nurturing young minds and fostering socio-economic progress, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact within our community.

Transformative Learning

Transformative Learning

We currently educate 180 children, primarily at the pre-school level, aged below five. Our approach involves engaging teaching methods and a dedicated team to guide their educational journey.

Experienced Faculty

We have a team of ten skilled teachers, all hailing from the local community, ensuring a familiar and nurturing environment for our students, with instruction offered in both Tamil and English. 

Community Engagement

With 12 non-teaching staff members, including community participants engaged in socio-economic empowerment programs, we actively contribute to the upliftment of the community.

Empowering Futures

Garden of Peace is more than just a school; it's a catalyst for change. By nurturing young minds and instilling a love for learning, we're sowing the seeds of progress for our students and their families.

Join us on this journey of transformation and empowerment. Contact us to learn more about our programs and how you can contribute to this noble cause.

Location: Kurumbupalayam Village, Vellore, Tamil Nadu

In the News

Discover what sets Garden of Peace apart and why our story has been making waves in the news. Join us in our journey to empower young minds and uplift rural communities through education.

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