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Garden of Peace School is a primary school located in Kurumbupalayam village near Vellore in Tamil Nadu, India, about 3 hours from Madras/Chennai Founded on 9th June 2004, the School espouses the relevance of education for life and lifelong education. The Garden of Peace not only acknowledges but deeply respects the need for education through mother tongue in early and primary education.

Garden of Peace is committed to spreading education and literacy in rural India and to help rural children realize their fuller potential. We seek to provide quality education for children in rural/tribal areas which would help to empower rural children.
• Believe that rural children have an equal right to good education and access to opportunities as in urban areas
• Encourage and support the education of the girl children. Almost fifty percent of the children enrolled at the Garden of Peace School are girls.
• Commit to addressing and eradicating the problem of child labour in rural areas.
• Integrate the state syllabus with the holistic education methodology inspired by the philosophy of lifelong education.

Our progress

Nutrition Program When we discovered that non-availability of food is an important reason for poor attendance in schools, we started the nutrition program in a bid to boost attendance.
Sustainable Development Garden of Peace integrates organic farming and cattle farm as part of school educational curriculum and practices in sustainable development.
Community College Garden of Peace Community College is likely to be established in June 2016 in affiliation with National Open Schooling, New Delhi, Government of India.
Peoples’ university Peoples’ university aims to integrate rural knowledge system with the rights and livelihood concerns of the rural poor through education and empowerment.

CORPORATES / Constructive CSR

If the thought of fulfilling a child's wish appeals to you and you'd like your organization to be a part of it, please have a representative of your organization drop us a mail at. We'll be glad to come over and present the details of our activities and how you can help the kids. To view the list of donors for the year 2008-09 click here. To see the IT certificate for the fiscal year.

Bank Details

Bank Account Number: 30756515348 (Current Account)
Name of the Bank: STATE BANK OF INDIA (SBI)
Address of the Bank: State Bank of India (SBI), Main Branch, Officers Line, Vellore -632001, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu
Branch Code: 00947
IFSC Code: SBIN0000947
Donations can be made through wire transfer or direct deposit. Please do inform us when you make direct deposit or wire transfer.

We will be happy to acknowledge your transfer or deposits with receipt(s). In case of cheque and Bank Draft in favour of : GARDEN OF PEACE NURSERY & PRIMARY SCHOOL,

  • Ramu Manivannan


    RamuManivannan is a professor in the Department of Politics & Public Administration, University of Madras, Chennai. He taught in Delhi University for over eighteen years before joining the University of Madras. He was a fellow of the United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan. He has been working with the refugees from Tibet, Burma and Sri Lanka for over two decades in the areas of peace, education and development. He was awarded “Life Time Achievement Award” by the Lions International, Chennai in the field of education in November 2011 & also received Best Teacher Award by Afzal Husain Educational Award for Excellence in education for 2015. He establishing the Garden of Peace School by Sheela Manivannan, M.A., B.Ed and she has been the Correspondent for the school since inception.

Our Events

Nature Cure and Natural Food Camps

Garden of Peace hosts monthly nature cure and natural food camps as part of its campaign for education, health and holistic development.

Japanese language teaching

Our school has become the first school in the state where the Japanese language has been introduced with the support of JICA. Some teachers from the school are also be trained in the language simultaneously.

Study India Programme for Students/Researchers

Garden of Peace has hosted the Summer School program of the University of Edinburgh in August 2015. Garden of Peace is at present engaged in developing a MoU with several universities in Asia and Europe.

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Pincode: 632 102